Developmental Strategy

Cecil Airport Development Strategy - July 2010

Over the past ten years, the Jacksonville Aviation Authority (JAA), the City of Jacksonville and many other partners and stakeholders have been actively involved in the reuse and redevelopment of the airport at Cecil Airport. While there have been many successes at the airport, the dynamics within the commercial aviation and defense sectors have changed substantially over the past few years. Accordingly, one of JAA’s stated goals for 2010 was preparation of a Cecil Airport Development Strategy.
The strategy has been developed and on July 26, 2010 it was adopted for implementation by the JAA Board of Directors. 

The strategy includes a three tiered approach:

-    Tier One to sustain and grow existing businesses at the airport
-    Tier Two to attract new tenants including business adjacencies
-    Tier Three to develop a longer range strategy to develop Cecil Airport as a logistics center

Implementation of the strategy will be primarily focused on: (1)obtaining financial development funding for infrastructure and facility construction, (2) obtaining necessary political support to assist in business development initiatives, and (3) developing close industry alliances within all sectors of the aerospace industry.

Click on the following link to download the complete  Cecil Airport Development Strategy (PDF)

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