The City of Jacksonville acquired more than 4,000 acres of the northern portion of Cecil Commerce Center for recreational use. Portions of this area are being master planned to include recreation such as:

  • Hiking and horseback riding trails
  • Camping
  • Hunting and fishing

This area is a small portion of a larger natural wildlife preservation corridor connecting Jennings State Forest, in Clay County with Cary State Forest, north of Cecil Commerce Center. Approximately 900 acres are designated for use as an active recreational area including:

  • Equestrian center
  • World-class aquatic center
  • Several tournament level playing fields and sports complexes
  • Playgrounds
  • Open play field areas
  • Community center
  • Park maintenance facility


The site has a non-site conference center available to tenants to host large scale meetings and presentations.


Site Utilities

Approximately $51 million has been invested in Cecil Commerce Center electric, water and sewer infrastructure. 


  • Reliable, redundant and low-cost power provided by Jacksonville Electric Authority (JEA), one of the lowest cost utilities in the Southeast                               
  • 2,600 plus megawatts of installed generating capacity
  • Multiple feeds, dual substations can be provided on-site

Fiber Optics

  • Jacksonville has bandwidth greater than any other city in Florida
  • High-speed digital transmission
  • 100% self healing fiber optic ring architecture
  • Enhanced voice application

 Natural Gas

  • 16-inch transmission line


  • Site to be served from two different existing high-capacity treatment plants
  • Total system excess capacity within water treatment grid serving Cecil Commerce Center is 75 MGD


  • Site to be served from existing on-site 52 million GPD treatment plant