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Check out space in the JAX Terminal Building, Woodwings development or Cecil Airport. For more leasing information, e-mail Jacksonville Aviation Authority Business Development Department.

•  JAX Terminal Building
•  Woodwings
•  Cecil Airport
JAX Terminal Building
Over 5.5 million passengers per year travel through JAX's two-level terminal building, which includes a centralized courtyard joining three concourses (A, B and C). Concourses A and C have been completely rebuilt and contain twice the concession space as the old concourses.  Consequently, JAA is looking for new concession and business operations to add to this modern terminal, which currently provides full-service amenities, including restaurant facilities, gift stores, ground transportation and other services catering to the traveling public.

Competitive lease rates are available. For more information about JAX's terminal, e-mail us.
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Jacksonville Aviation Authority (JAA) has leasing opportunities available in a 700-acre development adjacent to JAX. This development, called "Woodwings," is ideal for warehouse facilities, back office space and retail outlets. Woodwings also will feature two hotels and a public golf course. The entire site will enjoy Foreign Trade Zone status.

At Woodwings, your business will be adjacent to JAX and near two major interstate highways (I-10 east/west, and I-95 north/south). Every Woodwings' facility will be a one-day truck drive to the region's largest metropolitan areas.

As owner and operator of JAX, JAA is prepared to offer competitive leasing opportunities for all phases of this professional office park, which will include the following:

•  Warehouse / Office Space Woodwings will consist of 2.6 million square feet of warehouse and office space. The land is perfectly suited for transportation related businesses such as trucking firms, freight forwarders and distribution firms.

•  Commercial Property Woodwings will include several sites, which are ideal for commercial and retail opportunities. The sites are located adjacent to the International Airport Boulevard which connects I-295 with Airport Road. The parcels total approximately 40 acres, and could be used for hotels, restaurants, convenience stores, office buildings, and other uses.

For more information about JAX's terminal, e-mail us.

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Cecil Airport
Cecil Airport contains more than 6,000 acres of real estate property, 175 buildings consisting of 2.9 million square feet, and four runways (three at 8,000 feet and one at 12,500 feet).

Companies interested in leasing facilities or property should e-mail Jay Cunio to learn about current opportunities at Cecil Airport, or visit the Jacksonville Aviation Authority, Cecil Airport Administration Offices.

To learn more about aviation property leasing opportunities, please contact Jay Cunio at:

Jay Cunio, AIA, CCIM
Director, Business Development
Jacksonville Aviation Authority
14201 Pecan Park Road
Jacksonville, FL 32218
Phone: 904.741.2004
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