List of Contracts / Amendments (Valued in excess of Florida Statute 287.017 Category Three) October 1, 2020 – Present
Title Number Effective Date Expiration Date Vendor Email Administrator Files
Bond/Tax Counsel 16-03-31001 10/1/2016 09/30/2023 Foley & Lardner LeNedda Edwards Files
Elevator Escalator and Walkway Maintenance and Repair Services RFP No. 18-04-45123 07/30/2018 07/31/2023 Coastal Elevator Company Monica Frazier Files
Strategic Planning Consultant Services 18-18-25001 10/1/2018 09/30/2023 Southern Group, fka Gilmore Hagan Partners Marilyn V. Fryar Files
Marketing Consultant Services 18-24-11105 01/14/2019 12/31/2023 St. John & Partners Advertising and Public Relations Marilyn V Fryar Files
Commercial Air and Cargo Service Development Consultant 19-03-11105 01/29/2019 12/31/2023 Campbell-Hill Aviation Group, LLC Marilyn V Fryar Files
General Banking Services 19-06-31001 05/15/2019 05/14/2024 TD Bank, N.A. Marilyn V. Fryar Files
Aviation Fuel Services and Truck Lease Herlong Airport 19-05-44402 06/1/2019 05/31/2024 Titan Aviation Fuels Marilyn V. Fryar Files
Aviation Channeling Service Provider 19-08-46104 07/1/2019 06/30/2024 Telos Identity Management Solutions, LLC Marilyn V. Fryar Files
Pest Control Services ITB 19-28-26201 07/1/2019 06/30/2024 Terminix Marilyn V. Fryar Files
Pest Control Services ITB 19-28-26201 10/1/2019 09/30/2024 McCall Services Marilyn V. Fryar Files
Window Cleaning Services 19-21-45123 10/1/2019 09/30/2024 Emerald Facility Management Monica M. Frazier Files
GScan Software AC2022-02-08 02/1/2020 01/31/2025 GKB Labs Monica Frazier Files
Hold Baggage System Belts, Rollers and Pulleys for the Jacksonville Aviation Authrotiy 20-11-17111 02/3/2020 02/2/2025 Engineered Components, Inc. Meghan Miles Files
Electrical Services 20-12-44302 03/1/2020 02/28/2025 Hendry Electrical and Mardant Electrical Construction Marilyn V. Fryar Files
Facility Maintenance Services - Cecil Airport 20-08-44202 06/15/2020 06/14/2023 Warden Construction Corporation Marilyn V. Fryar Files
Network Penetration Testing 20-23-24001 (4) 07/14/2020 07/13/2025 Abacode Inc. Monica M. Frazier Files
Wet and Dry Fire Protection Systems Services 20-25-44202 10/1/2020 09/30/2023 Fire Sprinkler Services FL, LLC Marilyn V. Fryar Files
Public and Media Relations Agency of Record 20-26-25001 11/1/2020 10/31/2023 Tucker|Hall Marilyn V. Fryar Files
Custody and Bond Trustee Services 20-29-31001 11/1/2020 10/31/2023 U.S. Bank LeNedda Edwards Files
Merchant Card Services 20-27-31001 02/1/2021 01/31/2024 Elavon, Inc. LeNedda Edwards Files
Professional Environmental Consultant Services 21-05-42001 04/15/2021 04/14/2024 3 vendors awarded: Aerostar SES LLC, CDM Smith Inc., SES Energy Services Samantha Smid Files
Professional Wildlife Consultant Services 21-06-42001 04/15/2021 04/14/2024 SES Energy Services Samantha Smid Files
Oracle eBiz Maintenance and Support Services 21-09-24001 05/1/2021 04/30/2024 Navisite LLC Samantha Smid Files
External Audit Services 21-12-31001 06/7/2021 06/6/2024 Plante Moran, PLLC LeNedda Edwards Files
Operations and Noise Monitoring 18-15-42001 06/14/2021 06/13/2023 Harris Corporation Samantha Smid Files
Fence Installation and Repair Services 21-25-45133 07/1/2021 06/30/2026 RFE Construction & Fence Services, Inc. Marilyn V Fryar Files
Timber Management 21-11-42001 07/1/2021 06/30/2024 The Forestry Company Samantha Smid Files
ACDBE/DBE Certification Services Local Government Entity 07/15/2021 09/30/2024 Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA) Monica M. Frazier Files
Waste and Recycling Collection Services 21-13-45133 08/1/2021 07/31/2024 Republic Services of Florida LeNedda Edwards Files
Retirement Plan Administration, Record Keeping, Education, Investment Services for 457B Deferred Compensation, and 401A Pension Plans 20-07-31001 08/6/2021 07/31/2031 Empower Retirement formerly Mass Mutual LeNedda Edwards Files
Air Traffic Control Tower (ATCT) Maintenance and Repair Services 21-21-44202 10/1/2021 09/30/2024 Robinson Aviation (RVA), Inc. Marilyn V. Fryar Files
On-Call Planning Consultant Services 21-23-42001 10/1/2021 09/30/2024 3 Contracts Awarded: RS&H, Inc., Ricondo & Associates, Inc., and Landrum & Brown, Inc. Samantha Smid Files
Operations and Noise Monitoring 21-26-42001 10/1/2021 09/30/2024 Virtower LLC Samantha Smid Files
Federal Government Relations Consultant 21-28-25001 10/1/2021 09/30/2024 Alcalde & Faye Marilyn V. Fryar Files
State Government Relations Consultant 21-29-25001 10/1/2021 09/30/2024 The Fiorentino Group Marilyn V. Fryar Files
Professional Planning Services for Cecil Airport Master Plan 21-18-42001 10/1/2021 10/31/2023 Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc. Marilyn V. Fryar Marilyn Fryar Files
Baggage Handling System Support (BHS) Services 21-16-45143 10/1/2021 09/30/2026 Primeflight Aviation Services Inc. Monica M. Frazier Files
Airport Casualty Insurance Broker Services 21-33-26101 10/1/2021 09/30/2026 Arthur J. Gallagher Risk Management Services Monica M. Frazier Files
Security Guard Services 21-22-46104 10/13/2021 10/12/2024 Giddens Security Corporation LeNedda Edwards Files
Janitorial Cleaning Services, Cecil Airport RFQ No. 2001-44202 12/1/2021 11/30/2023 Next Level Cleaning, LLC Marilyn V. Fryar Files
Access Control Supplies 20-10-17111 01/1/2022 12/31/2024 IRIS Ltd. Inc. Meghan Miles Files
ASQ Fieldwork and Data Analysis 22-01-46204 01/1/2022 12/31/2026 Global Resource Management Inc. Monica M. Frazier Files
Architectural and Engineering (A/E) Consultant Services 21-20-42001 01/20/2022 09/30/2024 4 Contracts Awarded: Jacobs Engineering, Michael Baker International, Pond & Co., and RS&H, Inc. Samantha Smid Files
ERP System 2022-11-06 02/2/2022 09/30/2027 Oracle America Inc. Monica M. Frazier Files
Gate Management and Billing Software RFP No. 21-24-24001 03/1/2022 02/28/2027 GoApron Marilyn V. Fryar Files
Temporary Staffing Services 21-31-26101 03/21/2022 03/20/2026 I-Tech Resources Monica M. Frazier Files
ATM Concession Services Two Contractors BaumTech and VyStar RFP No. 22-05-43101 04/16/2022 04/15/2025 BaumTech LLC Marilyn V. Fryar Files
Plumbing Maintenance and Repair Services RFP No. 19-03 05/1/2022 04/28/2025 Turner Plumbing Company, Inc. Marilyn V. Fryar Files
Exterior Cleaning of Non-Terminal Airport Facilities RFP No. 22-02-43605 05/1/2022 04/30/2025 Sunshine Cleaning Systems, Inc. Marilyn V. Fryar Files
Parking Management, Operations, and Shuttle Services RFP No. 22-03-43605 05/1/2022 04/30/2025 SP Plus Corporation Marilyn V. Fryar Files
Exterior Cleaning of Non-Terminal Airport Facilities 22-02-43605 05/1/2022 04/30/2025 SunShine Cleaning Systems, Inc. Marilyn V Fryar Files
Cabling Contractor Services - Network Cabling and Miller Electric RFQ 22-07-24001 05/1/2022 04/30/2025 Miller Electric Company and Network Cabling Service Marilyn V. Fryar Files
SITA Flex Hybrid Software - Airport and Airline Access joint IT Applications - Ongoing Maintenance Piggyback 05/17/2022 05/16/2025 SITA Monica M. Frazier Files
JAX Baggage Handling System Equipment & Accessories AC2022-04-14 05/24/2022 09/20/2024 Transnorm Systems Inc/Honeywell Monica M. Frazier Files
Workspace Pod RFI No. 2212-43101 06/1/2022 05/31/2025 Jabbrrbox, Inc. Marilyn V. Fryar Files
Audio Visual System for Cecil Spaceport Command Center AC2022-06-08 07/6/2022 07/5/2023 Visionworx, LLC dba CCS Presentation Monica M. Frazier Files
Air Duct Cleaning Services 2214-45123 07/15/2022 07/14/2025 ServPro of Arlington Monica M. Frazier Files
Appraisal Services (Awardees: CBRE, Inc, JLL Valuation Advisory Services, LLC, Slack, Johnston & Magenheimer) RFP No. 22-12-43101 07/15/2022 07/14/2025 CRBE, Inc., JLL Valuation Advisory Services, Slack, Johnston & Magenheimer Marilyn V. Fryar Files
Roof and Gutter Repairs 22-08-45123 07/15/2022 07/14/2025 2 Contracts Awarded - Advanced Roofing Inc. and Register Roofing and Sheet Metal Inc. Monica M. Frazier Files
HVACR Services Contract No. 22-14-44202 10/1/2022 09/30/2025 Howard Services Marilyn V. Fryar Files
Stationery, Envelopes, Business Cards and Other Printed Products. RFQ No. 2215-26101 10/1/2022 09/30/2027 Printing Edge, Inc. Marilyn V. Fryar Files
Survey Services RFP No. 22-13-43101 10/1/2022 09/30/2025 Contractors: 1) DRMP; 2)JBrown Professional; 3) Southeastern Marilyn V. Fryar Files
Auctioneer and Equipment Appraisal Services 22-10-43605 10/1/2022 09/30/2025 Weeks Auction Co Inc Marilyn V. Fryar Files
Aviation Financial Analysis Consultant 22-20-31001 10/11/2022 10/10/2027 DKMG Consulting LLC Monica M. Frazier Files
FIDS Maint and Support 15-14-24001 11/1/2022 10/31/2025 Art of Context Monica M. Frazier Files
Community and Government Relations Services 22-19-25001 12/1/2022 09/30/2025 Hipps Group Inc Marilyn V. Fryar Files
Landscape Svc Airport Road 22-24-45133 12/1/2022 11/30/2025 Freedom Landscape and Lawn Maintenance Monica M. Frazier Files
GPS and Asset Tracking Services 2022-10-05 12/1/2022 11/30/2027 NexTraq Monica M. Frazier Files
Professional Design Services for JIA General Aviation FIS Contract No. 19-32-42001 12/20/2022 12/20/2025 Pond & Company Marilyn V. Fryar Files
Financial and Investment Advisor Services RFP No. 22-26-31001 01/1/2023 12/31/2026 Augustine Asset Management LOCAL PFM Financial Advisors NATIONAL PFM Asset Management NATIONAL Marilyn V. Fryar Files
ASQ Main Survey Program 2022-11-14 01/1/2023 12/31/2028 Airports Council International Monica M. Frazier Files
Health and Safety Computer Training 2022-12-04 02/21/2023 02/20/2028 Coastal Training Technologies Monica M. Frazier Files
Fire Protection Panels Alarm and Monitoring, Preventative Maintenance and Repair Services 23-05-44202 03/28/2023 03/27/2026 Fire Sprinkler Services FL, LLC Marilyn V. Fryar Files
Hangar 1845 Building and Ground Lease 22-23-43101 04/1/2023 03/31/2043 Million Air Jacksonville Marilyn V. Fryar Files
HVAC Supplies 20-13-17111 04/10/2023 02/28/2025 Johnstone Supply Monica M. Frazier Files
Rental Car Concession Services 22-16-43101 06/1/2023 05/31/2028 Avis Budget; Enterprise; Hertz; Sixt Marilyn V. Fryar Files

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