Public Notices

New Posting Requirements (added pursuant to new Procurement Code, dated July 15, 2022)

-Seven-Day Posting of Standardization Requests 
-Seven-Day Posting for Piggy-Backing Requests
Seven-Day Posting of Sole Source and Proprietary Purchase Requests
Five-Day Posting for Category “D” Informal Solicitation Requests
10-Day Posting for Category “E” Informal Solicitation Requests    

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*    The above posting requirements are added as part of JAA’s New Procurement Code and do not include advertising requirements for formal solicitations as described in sections 2.02(N) and (Y) of the Code.

List of Public Notices
Item Number Title
Siemens - Sprinkler Repair Utilizing Sourcewell Contract #030421-SIE, awarded to Siemens Industry, Inc., for sprinkler piping/repair and fire alarm electrical work Cost: Not-to-Exceed $20,000
Emergency Cecil Ratification Ratification of emergency purchases for Cecil Airport 10.13.2023 incident. In accordance with P.Code Section 2.02(M) and 3.10, the total of emergency purchases with two vendors (Fire Sprinkler Services FL, LLC ($9,870.73), Warden Construction ($33,332.75) for a total not-to-exceed $42,203.48.
AC2023-11-11 Utilization of Sourcewell contract #062320-CAT for rental machines, tools, and equipment from Cat and 70+ other brands awarded to Caterpillar Inc. in a not-to-exceed amount of $200,000.00 for the duration of the term and any applicable renewals.
Piggyback Industrial Supplies Utilization of Maricopa County Contract No. 16154-RFP various industrial products, lubricates, tools, chemicals and related items and services. Awarded to Applied Industrial Technologies (AIT) in a not-to-exceed amount of $350,000.00 for the duration of the term and any applicable renewals.
AC2023-11 Awards Committee Meeting - Public Notice


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