Public Notices

New Posting Requirements (added pursuant to new Procurement Code, dated July 15, 2022)

-Seven-Day Posting of Standardization Requests 
-Seven-Day Posting for Piggy-Backing Requests
Seven-Day Posting of Sole Source and Proprietary Purchase Requests
Five-Day Posting for Category “D” Informal Solicitation Requests
10-Day Posting for Category “E” Informal Solicitation Requests    

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*    The above posting requirements are added as part of JAA’s New Procurement Code and do not include advertising requirements for formal solicitations as described in sections 2.02(N) and (Y) of the Code.

List of Public Notices
Item Number Title
Strictly Technology Utilization of General Services Administration (GSA) Contract No. GS-35F-475GA, Information Technology (IT) Hardware, awarded to Strictly Technology, LLC dba Strictly Tech, July 31, 2024 – June 30, 2027, in the not to exceed amount of $24,999.00 until further review and approval from Executive Management.
AC2024-07 Procurement Conf. Rm., JAA’s Admin. Bldg., 14201 Pecan Park Road, Jax., FL 32218
AC2024-06 Awards Committee Meeting
Exempt-Livingston Employee Coaching and Training awarded to Livingston Consulting Group per Procurement Code §2.05(A)(5)(8), for a not to exceed amount: $24,999.00 until further review and approval from Executive Management.
Cintas Corporation No. 2 Pending Awards Committee Approval Amend Contract Award to Cintas Corporation No. 2/Cintas Corporation for purchase and replenishment of first aid and safety related products and services in a total-not to-exceed amount of $110,000.00 until May 31, 2028, or until further review and approval from Executive Management.
Ready Credit Corp. Pending Awards Approval: Cash to debit conversion services provided by Ready Credit Corporation in Jacksonville International Airport as a sole source agreement. Terms and conditions to be negotiated.
Newsom Fence Co. The Authority intends to award Newsom Fence Co. for gate and fencing repair including removal, disposal, and installation. Newsom Fence Co. was the lowest respondent of the 3 quotes. Newsom Fence Co. $20,000.00 Armstrong Fence Co. $21,400.00 Duval Fence Co. $23,500.00


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