The Jacksonville Aviation (JAA) Authority Arts & Culture Program (JAAACP) invites artists to apply for a temporary exhibition at the Jacksonville International Airport (JAX) for the four quarters of 2024.

The JAAACP is committed to showing the work of professional and emerging artists from the sixteen-county service region of Northeast Florida including Alachua, Baker, Bradford, Clay, Duval, Flagler, Nassau, Putnam, St. Johns, and Union counties, and Southeast Georgia including Brantley, Camden, Charlton, Clinch, Glynn and Ware counties.

JAX catchment area (service territory), @ 1.5 Hours Drive Distance

MISSION:  The intention of the JAAACP is to display works of art reflective of the unique character of Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia, and to thoughtfully enhance the JAX experience while respecting the sensitivities and functional needs of airport visitors.

For this open Call to Artists, the JAAACP will review all artwork submitted on or before September 30, 2023, during the period of October – November of 2023. Art selected will be displayed in one quarter of the calendar year 2024.

Based on the high quantity of artists who submit, it is possible artists not chosen for this display period will not be able to be contacted. If you are not contacted, please feel free to resubmit again for the following year’s curatorial plan beginning in June 2024 for the 2025 show season. Thank you.

Fine Art Exhibitions at JAX:

Application Deadline:  Submissions are accepted annually from June 1 – September 30, of the prior show year. Reviews are conducted between October 1 – November 30. Annual exhibition schedules are confirmed in early December. The new exhibition schedule begins January 1-4 of the show year.

Exhibition Period:  Art exhibitions generally rotate quarterly with an average exhibition period of three months and may be scheduled up to one month to one year in advance.

Eligibility:  This opportunity is offered only to individual artists from the service region of JAX; in Northeast Florida including Alachua, Baker, Bradford, Clay, Duval, Flagler, Nassau, Putnam, St. Johns, and Union counties and in Southeast Georgia including Brantley, Camden, Charlton, Clinch, Glynn, and Ware counties. Artists who have previously exhibited at JAX may re-apply if a new series is submitted. Preference will be given to artists who have not displayed their artwork at JAX within the previous three years.

Haskell Gallery Reception for Group Show “W.A.V.E.”

Submission Requirements:

To apply to exhibit your artwork at Jacksonville International Airport in 2024, please send the following criteria to Arts & Culture Program Manager, Jen Murray, via email by September 30, 2023, to

  • Your name, address, county of residence, phone, email, and website/social media handles
  • 1-2 paragraph bio
  • 1-2 paragraph artist statement
  • 10 images consisting of recent work typical of artwork to be shown

There is no submission or review fee.

Selection Process:

 The JAA Arts & Culture Program Manager collects and presents art submissions to the JAAACP. Reviews are conducted annually, and applications are evaluated by the JAAACP in their sole judgment and discretion, based on artistic merit and upholding the program’s mission. Artists may be approved for solo or group exhibitions. Artists whose work is approved will be notified by the JAA Arts & Culture Program Manager.

The JAAACP process is consistent for each artist submission. The JAA Arts & Culture Program Manager develops a contact sheet utilizing the artist’s submitted information and JAAACP evaluates each body of work based on the criteria included in the Call to Artists and the available space within the airport for exhibition. The JAA Arts & Culture Program Manager then develops the year’s curatorial plan incorporating the feedback received by the JAAACP. The JAA Arts & Culture Program Manager maintains an archive of applications for reference and possible future exhibitions.

Exhibition Locations:

  1. Haskell Gallery

The Haskell Gallery is located pre-security in the central courtyard. The gallery has high ceilings and can accommodate works up to eight feet tall. The gallery also includes four (4) acrylic covered, moveable pedestals with an interior display size of 32”w x 32”d x 15”h. 

Haskell Gallery Featuring Christopher W. Luhar-Trice Photography & David Engdahl Laminated Wood Sculptures


2. Connector Bridge Cases

The Connector Bridge display cases are located pre-security, just before the central courtyard and after ticketing. There are four (4) cases total, all measuring 42”w x 28”d x 50”h. White pedestals/risers of various sizes are also available for interior display inside the cases.

This area also includes two (2) acrylic covered, moveable pedestals with an interior display size of 32”w x 32”d x 15”h.

Connector Bridge Installation Featuring Papercuts by Sheila Goloborotko

3. Concourse Cases A & C

These display cases are located post-security, at the end of Concourses A and C. There are four (4) cases total, all measuring 50”h x 14”d. The two cases in Concourse A each measure 80”w and 90”w. The two cases in Concourse C each measure 60”w and 85”w.

Concourse C Case Featuring Brooke Ramsey Paintings & Aisling Millar
McDonald Painted Public Art Sculpture Maquettes
  1. Mobile Pedestal Display

In 2023 and inside the terminal, JAX added three (3) acrylic covered, moveable, 57”h pedestals with an interior display size of 24”w x 24”d x 17”h each. These are dedicated to exhibiting sculptural works and will be located pre or post-security depending upon construction and space availability.

Mobile Pedestals Featuring Toni DeWitt Pottery

5. JAA Administration Art Gallery

This 3-wall space is in the JAA Administration Building on the executive floor and adjacent to the JAA boardroom. All walls are 103”h, with varying lengths including one wall each at 267”w, 171”w, and 123”w.

Administration Art Gallery Featuring Acrylic Paintings by Teresa Graham

Artwork Restrictions:

The JAAACP highly considers the sensitivities of the traveling public and the common stresses of air travel. Images that are sexual, political, religious, disturbing, etc. and images that could relate to terrorism, aviation accidents, death, etc. are inappropriate for an airport setting. Statements and images that could potentially offend viewers if displayed in the public setting of the airport will not be accepted.

Exhibition Policies:

Hardware:  All pieces must be ready to hang WITH WIRE OR D-RING HARDWARE at the time of delivery.

Installation:  Art is handled and installed by a professional installer, including the JAA Arts & Culture Program Manager. Artists are invited to provide feedback in the installation process, however final decisions regarding the editing of artwork and exhibition layout lie with the JAA Arts & Culture Program Manager.

Insurance:  All art displayed at JAX is insured by the JAA while onsite. Artwork is not covered during transportation to and from the airport.

Signage:  Artists are required to submit an accurate price list in Microsoft Word, and not in PDF format. However, signage, rack cards, and pricing labels are provided, designed, and displayed by the JAA Arts & Culture Program.

Transportation:  The transportation of artwork is the artist’s responsibility. The Authority does not pack, ship, or transport artwork.

Sales Commission:

100% of the funds earned from the sale of art are provided to the artist in order to fully support the creative economy in the JAX service area.


JAAACP reserves the right to cancel a scheduled exhibition at any time prior to the designated installation date should any unforeseen/emergency situations arise. All attempts will be made to reschedule at a time of mutual convenience; however, if the exhibition is time-sensitive, the JAAACP cannot guarantee a rescheduled exhibition.

Please Direct All Submissions & Questions:

Jen Murray, JAA Arts & Culture Program Manager

Cell: 904.206.0902

14201 Pecan Park Road, Jacksonville, Florida 32218

Visit our website at to learn more about the JAA Arts & Culture Program at JAX. Select the Exhibitions Opportunity tab to access the Call to Artist form.

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