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JAA Airports Air Space Study Checklist Information

If you wish to construct anything on or around any of our airports or wish to use a crane on or near one of our airports, please see the following information below. 

For internal customers and consultants wishing to do a project On-Site, an Airspace Study Checklist Request Form can be found on the JAA Shared Drive under Operations/Planning & Engineering/ASC Request Form. There is also the same link below as well but once again, this would only be for On-Airport Study’s Only and will be coordinated by the JAA.

For Off-Airport Projects, you must go to the FAA’s OEAAA Website and file your own study. The link to that site is below.

For All On-Airport Projects, to request a study, you would go to the link provided, complete the form and attach an ALP type drawing(in PDF Format only) depicting the project/crane location. The drawing must include the Latitude and Longitude of the project location. For buildings, please enter a Lat/Long for each corner of the building. For cranes, please enter a Lat/Long for each ground level position that the crane will be positioned and extended.

For All Off-Airport Projects, the criteria above will be the same but you must fill out the form on-line via the FAA website and upload drawings and documents there.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us for questions or help in how to complete the form or drawings. Outside parties will be provided with assistance but they will be required to create their own documents when filing on the FAA Website. The JAA will have no involvement with the approval process of studies for Off-Site Projects.

Kari Kay-JAA

To request a Study-On Airport: CLICK HERE

To Request a Study-Off Airport: CLICK HERE


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