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Fuel Information

(As of 7/24/2024  06:30 a.m.)
Serving TITAN Aviation Fuel


Self Service: $5.78/Gal
Full Service: $6.31/Gal


Full Service: $4.77/Gal


Want to learn to fly?

Thinking about purchasing an aircraft?

Periodic checks that have to be done on all aircraft after a certain amount of time or usage.

Ready for the thrill of a lifetime? Whether it's your first or 50th jump, skydiving at Herlong gives you an opportunity to see Jacksonville like never before.

First Coast Flight Center is the sole fixed based operator at Herlong Airport. The FBO provides hangar space, tie-down areas and fueling facilities at the airport.

General Aviation Minimum Standards for Commercial Aeronautical Services,Non-Commercial Hangar Development and Self-Services JAX, CRG, HEG and VQQ


The Jacksonville Aviation Authority owns and operates the airport and fixed base operations at Herlong (HEG) Airport. First Coast Flight Center supports 100LL and Jet-A aircraft, with line service as well as a self serve 100LL tank for after hours fueling. Volume discounts are offered for Jet-A


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