Terminal Amenities

Weather/Flight Planning Room

Flying out of Herlong Recreational Airport? Take advantage of our weather and flight planning room.  Here you have the ability to file flight plans or check our real-time Aviation Weather System (AWOS) before flying out.   

Pilot Lounge

For the convenience of pilots flying in and out of Herlong, we have a pilot lounge in the main terminal.  Amenities include free wifi, as well as a flat screen television with satellite hook-up. There is also a couch and lounge chairs to relax.  

Conference Rooms

There are two conference rooms located in the Herlong Recreational Airport terminal. To use these conference rooms, please contact the FBO operator at 904-783-2805.

Rental Car Information

Enterprise Rent-a-Car is located on-site at Herlong Recreational Airport. To book a rental car, please contact them directly at 904-388-3553.


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