Rashba2Thanksgiving can be a stressful time to fly. Long lines, delayed flights and incliment weather will certainly raise anxiety when traveling. While we can’t guarantee a smooth travel experience, we certainly would like to help. Below are some tips for your flight:


Before packing your bag, we recommend unpacking it first. While this might seem odd, it’s a good way to avoid accidentally traveling with a TSA-prohibited item that you may have forgotten was in your bag. Another helpful hint – If you’re traveling with gifts, make sure they are unwrapped.

Flight Status

Winter weather can cause massive flight delays throughout the country. For this reason we recommend checking your flight status with the airline before coming to the airport. Why wait around here if you can do it in the comfort of your own home?


If everything is going fine and your flight isn’t delayed, you still need to give yourself plenty of time before boarding your flight. The Wednesday before Thanksgiving is one of the busiest travel days of the year. This can often translate to lines at the ticket counter and security. Arriving at the airport at least 90 minutes before your flight should give you enough time to catch your flight, without having to run to the gate.


TSA.gov is an excellent resource to use when making travel plans. Here you can find prohibited items, rules for liquids, and tips for traveling with children. For those that need additional screening assistance, TSA Cares is an easy way to request it.


On-airport parking is simple and easy. Parking in Economy Lots #1 and #2 are only $5 per day, parking in our daily garage facilities is only $14 per day and within walking distance of the terminal. For the Thanksgiving holiday, we also open Economy Lot #3. Parking here is only $20.00 for your entire stay. The lot opens on Wednesday, November 25, and will remain open until the lot is full. Vehicles must exit the lot by December 2, 2015. All rates include sales tax. If you have any questions, please contact our Parking Management Company at (904) 741-2277.

In-Terminal Amenities

While you’re at JAX, there are many amenities to help make your trip better. We have those customary amenities you’ve come to expect such as free wifi in the terminal, but there’s also a lot more.


Our airport ambassadors hand out free luggage tags and children’s activity books at information desks throughout the terminal.

We also recently installed a lactation suite for the convenience of mothers who choose to use a private, clean space to pump or nurse while traveling through the airport.

If you’re interested in art, “Face Forward” is a fantastic new exhibit at the Haskell Gallery. “Face Forward” features thirty of the region’s most talented and diverse artists portraying themselves in a huge range of mediums and styles.  Participating artists include photographers, sculptors, painters and mixed media artists.

Relax and Breathe!

Hopefully following these tips will help ease stress when you’re traveling this Thanksgiving. And from us to you, have a happy holiday!

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