The Jacksonville Aviation Authority Procurement Department is responsible for the management of the acquisition of all materials and services required to sustain the operations of the Authority in a timely, cost-effective manner.

Purchases below $25,000 are processed by requisitions. After approval, the Procurement Department may request vendor quotations and issue the purchase order to the lowest and best respondent, or best delivery if a rush order.

Purchases above $25,000 are processed only after Procurement formally advertises for bids for materials or the user department issues a request for proposal for services. The bids are opened publicly, read out loud and summarized. The user department evaluates the bids or proposals, determines the lowest, best bid/proposal and submits a recommendation to Executive Staff (Awards Committee) for approval to award a contract. The Procurement Department processes the award and issues a contract and purchase order as required.

Engineering Bids

Engineering contracts are processed by Procurement as follows: advertise for solicitation of bids, open bids in public and read out loud, tabulate and summarize bids, forwards bids to  the Engineering Department. The Engineering Department determines which bidder meets our requirements and requests approval to award a contract. The Procurement Department processes the award and issues a purchase order when required.

Small Business Enterprise

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Contact Us

The Procurement Department is located at 14201 Pecan Park Road, Jacksonville,Florida 32218. The office is open from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday and can be reached by phone or fax at:

Phone: 904.741.2355
Fax: 904.741.2350


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