When will people learn? TSA shows off items confiscated at JAX

May 29, 2019

Guns, knives and other weapons keep showing showing up at security checkpoints in airports across Florida.

So far this year, 17 guns have been found as people went through security at Jacksonville International Airport. In 2018, 49 were discovered.

"The people who bring those things to this checkpoint slowdown that entire process. Not just for them but everyone behind them,”said  Brian Cahill,  Transportation Security Administration federal security director for northern Florida.

On Wednesday, Cahill and some of the 200 TSA agents who work at JAX showed off some of the items found at the airport last year. Those items include knives, machetes, knives disguised as guns and even a 15-pound wrench. 

“Leave your weapons at home. Those are not good things to bring to an airport nowadays,” said Cahill. 

Cahill emphasizing that people should get to the airport two hours before their flight time. He said JAX has seen a 20% increase in passengers since last year with no extra checkpoints being opened.

If you do want to travel with any kind of guns or knives, there(sic) can be carried in checked luggage if certain precautions are taken. For a complete set of rules and regulations, visit TSA.gov

By Lauren Verno - Consumer investigative reporter


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