Jacksonville International estimates almost 10,200 passengers to travel today

December 21, 2012
First Coast News
Claire Simms

Today thousands of people are packing their bags and heading to Jacksonville International Airport. 

According to JIA, they have an estimated 10,192 flight reservations throughout the day.  That is up slightly from December 21, 2011, when 9,678 passengers went through JIA. 

The airport expects 7,469 passengers on Saturday and the volume drops to just 6,876 on Sunday.  Christmas Day has the fewest travelers scheduled to fly through JIA this week with just 5,965, according to preliminary estimates. 

Travelers have been braving the holiday travel rush all week.

Marilyn Houston drove from Tallahassee to Jacksonville to catch a flight to Virginia.  She said she left early to give herself extra time.

"I think you just need to be prepared and learn to wait and come early," Houston advised.

Traveler Sarah Heintzman suggested people come to the airport prepared to make the lines move more quickly.  

"I mean, just make sure that they have their liquids and stuff, you know, in the Ziploc baggie and they can get to it easily," explained Heintzman.  "They don't have a bunch of stuff that they're going to have to take off, you know, when they're in the line."

To get real time information on any delays and cancellations, text "FLIGHTS" to 24453.

For holiday information from the TSA, visit www.tsa.gov/traveler-information/what-know-you-go.

Source: http://fcnews.tv/UMRJem


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