Flying out of JIA? Check with your airline first

October 29, 2012
John Burr, Editor
Jacksonville Business Journal

If you are scheduled to fly out of Jacksonville in the next two or three days, it would be time well spent to contact your airline and make sure your flight is delayed or even still scheduled.

As of noon, about 24 Jacksonville flights had been cancelled due to Hurricane Sandy, which is closing East Coast airports from Washington to New York, said Jacksonville Aviation Authority spokesman Michael Stewart.

Even if your flight is going to a city unaffected by the storm, it could be affected by the storm, Stewart said. That's because the flights from the Northeast are shut down, and those planes, which would have come to Jacksonville, could be the planes that would have left Jacksonville to the Midwest or further west.

Stewart said he believes it will be days before the national flight schedule recovers from the airport closures in the Mid-Atlantic and the Northeast.



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