TSA reminds holiday travelers how to minimize travel time


JIA may seem easy to navigate now. But crews there say the holiday rush starts Wednesday. A few things could make or break your trip: how you dress, how you pack and when you get there.

From now through Christmas, travelers will be battling crowds, lugging gifts and crossing fingers that bad weather doesn't delay their travel plans. It's a lot to contend with. TSA officials say there's a way to minimize your holiday travel time. First: dress smart.

"Not that I want to be the fashion police or anything like that but I do see passengers who come through with a large pair of lace up boots and things like that," said Federal Security Director Ed Goodwin.

Goodwin recommends shoes, belts and accessories that are easy to take off. Also, know what you can and what you can't pack in your carry-on. JIA had on display Monday a sampling of prohibited items they have collected in the past three months.

"People genuinely don't know it's in their bag," Goodwin said. "They may keep things in their bag. So what we always tell them to do is before you pack your bag, unpack your bag. Take everything out of it."

And he says most importantly get into this security checkpoint line at least an hour and a half before your plane takes off.

"That doesn't mean arrive at the airport then have to go park your car then have to check in with the airline and then have to go to the ATM and then have to go to Starbucks. That means standing at the checkpoint an hour and a half before your departure is a good idea."

Even after the Thanksgiving rush it won't be smooth sailing at JIA. Officials expect it to stay busy through Easter.

TSA has a website you can check out for all the tips and information you may need prior to your flight.

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