AOA Placard and Key Forms

AOA Vehicle Placards

To obtain an AOA vehicle placard, the requesting Certifying Official must have an operational need for ramp access. The Certifying Official can submit a completed AOA Placard request form along with the vehicle's registration and proof of Commercial General Liability Insurance (with Vehicle Liability of $5,000,000 or greater) to the badging office on the date of the employee’s driver training or anytime thereafter.  

Once this information is received and verified, Access Control will issue a placard to the badged employee. The vehicle placard is assigned to the badged employee that has successfully completed the ramp driver training course. The placard will expire when the employee's badge expires or when the Commercial General Liability Insurance expires, which ever date comes first. 

Key Requests

A Certifying Official or JAA Supervisor can submit key requests for badged employees by providing a completed JAA Key Request Form to the Access Control Office. Access privileges for issued keys will be assigned in accordance with the JAA Key Agreement Form. Inteli-keys will expire when the employee's badge expires and must be updated during badge renewal. A $100 unrecovered fee is assessed as part of the key agreement for all misplaced or unrecovered Inteli-key (CLIQ) keys.


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