Baggage Claim

Baggage Claim Tips

You're always tired when you are waiting for your bags to come off the plane. If you are two parents, it is best for one parent to stand sentry duty next to the conveyer belt watching for luggage. The other parent can wait nearby with the kids. This makes it easier on the little ones as well as keeping them away from the moving machinery and other tired grownups slinging heavy suitcases around.

Stand Here

Stand just “downstream” of where the bags come tumbling off the plane onto the conveyer belt. There is always a crowd at the place right where the bags fall onto the belt, and you'll do better to avoid that knot. Also, being just downstream gives you an extra moment to spot your luggage. Remember, at this point you are also likely quite tired and jet lagging as well.

If you were delayed getting to the baggage claim area, look around the belt area first for your luggage. To alleviate congestion at the belt, sometimes airline staff will pull bags off the belt and/or the plane and stack them nearby.


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