JIA taking special security steps as people travel over the Thanksgiving holiday

Nov 23, 2016

Nearly 49 million people are traveling over the Thanksgiving holiday. AAA reports that's the most since 2007.

Travelers will also see some changes when they check their bags.

Airports, like Jacksonville International Airport, are taking special security steps to deal with the influx.

The number one priority for security workers is checking luggage for weapons, harmful items or explosives. An updated bag screening system will supposedly help luggage get where it needs to go faster.

Action News Jax got a look inside the updated bag screening system at JIA. Once you check your bags in, it goes through a series of conveyor belts, then through an explosive detection system. If something seems sketchy, it goes to another area where a TSA worker checks the pinpointed area of the bag.

 Some travel agents say the best way to avoid baggage problems is to pack light.

Source: http://ow.ly/W8Ud306shQY


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