Free fun book for kids at JAX Airport

November 2nd, 2015
by Harriet Baskas

Parents traveling with small children now have a great reason to stop and chat with the airport ambassadors staffing the information booths at Jacksonville International Airport.

The airport teamed up with local illustrator Jack Spellman to create a free 21-page “Fun at JAX Airport” activity book for children that’s full of activities, puzzles, mazes and plenty of pages to color.

“We’ve printed 5,000 of these books and gave them to our airport ambassadors and asked that they distribute them,” said airport spokesman Greg Willis, “The ambassadors are constantly on the look-out for children who appear bored or parents who appear at wit’s end and, as we enter into the busy holiday travel season, it’s another customer service tool our airport ambassadors can use to entertain children they see in the terminal.”

JAX isn’t the only airport with special treats for kids. Many airports have special sections on their websites just for kids and JAX and other airports have stashes of airport trading cards and other fun giveaways at the information booths.

So pack crayons and just ask.



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