2. Why does it take so long to deliver my bags?

JAA staff routinely monitors how long it takes for an airline to deliver the in-bound bags from the aircraft to the carousel.  It is airline staff or their contractors who actually deliver the bags, not JAA personnel.  The overwhelming majority of bags are delivered in a timely manner; ten minutes for the first bag to 20 minutes for the last bag on a flight after it arrives at the gate.  Delays do happen and they usually occur in the evening.  The airlines staff the baggage delivery function according to their daily flight schedule.  An aircraft may have flown all over the country in a given day and may have time delays at any one of those stops.  If the time lost in those delays cannot be made up, a particular aircraft at the end of the day may arrive quite late at its final destination, in this case Jacksonville.  So instead of one aircraft arriving at a given point in time, the airline may be faced with 2-3 arrivals and could not arrange for the extra staff needed to deliver all the bags from each flight within their company’s standards. 


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