7. How is JAA financially managed?

JAA is an independent authority, established under a state charter and is a part of the consolidated government of the City of Jacksonville.  It is user supported and receives no general tax dollars from the City of Jacksonville.  Much like a private sector company, JAA must take in enough money each month to pay its bills or it could go bankrupt.  Neither the city nor the state is required to step in and pay JAA’s bills.  Thus, all users of JAA’s four airports (Jacksonville International Airport, Cecil Airport, Jacksonville Executive at Craig Airport and Herlong Recreational Airport) are charged fees for that use.  This includes tenants such as airlines, concessionaires, vehicle parkers, companies that lease land and buildings from JAA, and others.  JAA receives grants from the federal and state governments to construct projects at its four airports.  These grants come from funds that users have paid into the system from taxes on aviation fuel and airline tickets.  The positive cash flow that JAA generates is put into either capital projects or JAA’s reserve funds.


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