Parking at Jacksonville International Airport could reach capacity by mid-week, per JAA

November 25, 2019

The Jacksonville Aviation Authority is warning travelers to arrive at the Jacksonville International Airport at least two hours before their flight boards this holiday season.

JAA says between the busy holiday travel season and ongoing construction in the airport's Daily Garage taking hundreds of parking spaces out of service, parking could be especially hard to find this year. 

JAA says it expects most of the airport's parking facilities to reach capacity by mid-week with the economy lots likely to fill first and quickly. You can find information about capacity closures on the airport's website by clicking HERE. 

Due to the capacity concerns, passengers are being encouraged to find alternate ways to get to the airport besides driving themselves, including ride services, public transit services, and rides from friends or family. 

JAA says the on-airport parking rates are the following:

• Economy Lot 3: $5/daily 

• Economy Lot 1 & 2: $6/daily 

• Daily Surface Lot: $11/daily 

• Daily Garage: $18/daily 

• Hourly Garage: $22/daily

By: Sarah Thompson @WOKV_Sarah


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