JIA undertaking major security changes

November 16, 2015
Roger Weeder

Jacksonville International Airport is laying the foundation for some major security changes that will with both be visible with others invisible to the traveling public.

On Monday, the Jacksonville Aviation Board was briefed on how surveillance will change by adding on hundreds of cameras.

Right now, there are 280 cameras with the long range plane to more than double that number to 700.

Work on the multi-million dollar project is expected to begin in mid 2016 and take 18 months to complete.

Another change on the horizon is having a police booth in the ticket area manned by an officer.

The booth will be reinforced and be a defensive position for police in the event of trouble. The booth is also seen as a visual connection for air travelers who need help or questions answered.

Just last month the airport had a training exercise to test the response of officers to an active shooter.

Source: http://ow.ly/UTJKB


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