Naval Air Station Jacksonville planes will move to Cecil Airport during renovations

Feb 5, 2015
By Clark Fouraker/First Coast News

The Navy will move its planes from Naval Air Station Jacksonville to Cecil Airport in June while the primary runway at NAS Jax is renovated, according to Times-Union News partner First Coast News.
“They’ve done a lot of thinking and planning about this,” said Russ Stalvey, who serves on the Cecil Airport Advisory Committee.
Stalvey’s house and farm are directly in the path of planes taking off at Cecil. He’s not worried about increased noise in his neighborhood once the planes start taking off from Cecil.
“They have to do some of the parking of some of the aircraft on one of the runways which is not used very much,” Stalvey said.
The planes can’t stay at NAS Jacksonville because the base is renovating it’s primary runway. In September of last year, the runway was repaired after a massive hole broke open in the cement.
Documents obtained by First Coast News estimate the runway and a new LED lighting system will take about 13 months to install.
“The scheduled repair and improvements is necessary to meet Navy Air Operations Safety Criteria and to ensure compliance with FAA airfield regulations,” said NAS Jax spokeswoman Miriam Gallet.
“At this point it’s can’t be pro on con. It’s going to happen,” said Bill Lewis.
Lewis serves on the Argyle Area Civic Council and lives 3.5 miles from the Cecil Airport gate.
With more people and more planes, security and traffic at the base will increase.
The Navy, however, is not releasing how many planes and how many people the temporary move will impact.
“JAA does have security that they will likely beef up as well as bring in additional security to keep the people out there safe,” Stalvey said.
The Navy says they have a big campaign that will start in April to advise residents on the Westside of any traffic changes or new security protocols. The planes will officially relocate from NAS to Cecil Airport in June.



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