Business Travelers – And Aviation Queen – Pick Their Favorite Airports

May 10, 2011

Back in March, Gary Stoller of USA Today did an article entitled Business travelers pick their favorite airports. I know I’m a bit behind on my articles, but I saved this one because it was all about airports. I have spent my fair share in many airports, and I know what I like — and what I don’t. So I’m going to weigh in on five of my personal favorites.

Kansas City International Airport: this one is my hands-down favorite of all time. Why? It’s the ultimate in easy in, easy out. Each gate has its own TSA screener checkpoint AND its own baggage claim. So there’s never any long lines for screening and for those who check baggage, there’s never a long wait.

Jacksonville International Airport: this is one of the most customer-friendly — and focused — airports I’ve ever been in. Everyone (and I MEAN everyone) from the janitorial staff to the concession employees to TSA screeners are warm and friendly. And the airport is nice to look at and it’s very easy to get around.

Terminal A, Boston-Logan International Airport: (full disclosure-I worked at Delta and did the PR on the grand opening of this terminal.) This was one of the first terminals built after 9/11. You can see this at the TSA security checkpoint, which was built as part of the terminal’s design, not just cobbled together after 9/11. The terminal was the first to gain LEED certification. It’s light and airy, has a nice mix of concessions, and again, has easy in, easy out access.

Orlando International Airport: I know, I know–this is a leisure airport. But the last few times I’ve been there, it has been for business, and Orlando is serious about getting you in and out — quickly. For example, the airport was the first in the nation to have a registered traveler line under the old Clear program. They monitor their security lines to keep them moving, and they have a great selection of concessions just in case you forgot to buy that last-minute souvenir.

Pier A, BWI Airport
Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport: yes, I’m throwing a bone to my home airport. The ease to get in and out of Pier A (controlled by Southwest Airlines) can’t be beat. It’s the first terminal you see when arriving at the airport, and has two checkpoints that are pretty speedy.



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