Good news at airport

The economy continues to struggle - locally, as well as nationwide - but at least business is on the upswing at Jacksonville International Airport.

More than 455,000 passengers used JIA in December, according to the Jacksonville Aviation Authority, a 3 percent increase.

That marked the fourth consecutive month that "passenger traffic" increased there.

Also, a JAA news release states, "Additional service in 2011 includes Delta and American Eagle airlines' flights to Miami, JetBlue's service to Puerto Rico and Southwest's service to Denver."

With increased flights, the outlook is even better.

Hopefully, increased air traffic is a sign that the economy is on the verge of bouncing back.

Even if not, it's good to know that more people are passing through JIA. That means more people from other places are exposed - at least somewhat - to Jacksonville.

JIA is a clean, well-maintained and attractive facility. It has to make a good impression on travelers.

The more people think positively about Jacksonville, the better the chances for increased tourism, retirees and perhaps new job-creating businesses.



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