Southside Sun Notebook: Student on display at airport

March 10, 2011

Student artwork on exhibit at airport

Self-portraits by 15 Jacksonville Country Day School sixth-graders will be on display at Jacksonville International Airport.

The students' work was selected for the Jacksonville Aviation Authority Student Concourse Art Program. Their self-portraits will be exhibited between Concourses A and C through May 22.

"The self-portraits are actually studies in values of light and shadow. It is almost like reading a topographical map with the white areas as the mountain peaks, and the black areas as the canyons," Shaw Lane, the school's art specialist, said in a news release.

The students took electronic photos of themselves using laptop computers and converted the color image into a high-contrast black and white. The students then drew their portraits on poster board, using black and white paints mixed into various shades of gray.



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