Tourist board wrong place for JAA head, says Council panel

Submitted by Steve Patterson
April 9, 2012

Tourism might be good for Jacksonville's airports, but a City Council panel has qualms about the Jacksonville Aviation Authority's CEO serving on the Duval County Tourist Development Council.

"I don't know if that really paints a good picture for the public," Councilman John Crescimbeni said during a Rules Committee meeting last week, when four of the seven members voted against Steve Grossman's appointment.

"He's a great guy," said Rules Chairman Bill Bishop hastened to add, but he voted with Crescimbeni, Johnny Gaffney and Clay Yarborough to oppose the appointment by Council President Stephen Joost.

Part of the problem was apparently that the seat Grossman would have taken was set aside for a tourist industry representative, and skeptics said the head of an independent authority shouldn't be seen as an industry mouthpiece. Crescimbeni told Rules members the last person to hold that seat worked for Adventure Landing.

The full council is scheduled to vote Tuesday on the appointment.



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