Advanced Imaging Technology New Tool at Jacksonville International Airport

Written by: Roger Weeder
November 22, 2011

Advances in computer software are changing security passenger screening at JIA and airports across the country.

On Monday the Transportation Security Administration demonstrated the technology that no longer gives screeners a personal image of a passenger, but a generic outline that displays anomalies if detected.

"Again, we do it without patting passengers down, helps with our privacy concerns," said local TSA Security Director Ed Goodwin.

Jacksonville International Airport uses three of the screening devices, with passengers able to opt for conventional detectors if they so decide.

Helen Lintala found the upgraded screening software more to her liking.

"It was not invasive at all, did not violate in any shape or form," said Lintala, catching a flight home after attending a wedding in Jacksonville.

The TSA said another advantage is passengers and screeners see the same image instantly if something does show up on screen.

The new technology has been in places for several weeks at JIA, and longer at major airports across the country.



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