Travelers Have Mixed Reactions About Private Screening Companies

Roger Weeder
March 14, 2012

The Transportation Security Administration is not the on the radar at Jacksonville International as airports across the country are being reminded they can opt out and go private to handle passenger screening.

On Tuesday, Florida Congressman John Mica sent letters to JIA and 200 other airports spelling out the law that allows the private option. Mica supports competition in delivering airport security.

"We don't have a problem," said Steve Grossman, Jacksonville Aviation Authority CEO, when asked if JIA had any issues with the performance of the TSA.

Currently federal employees handle screening chores.

Air travelers had mixed reactions as to whether going private is the way to go.

"Competition probably keeps the cost down and the service up," said Alfred Johns from Keystone Heights.

"I think any private industry should not be in control of anything for the government," said Bonnie Calhoun from Tallahassee on her way to Detroit.

Orlando-Sanford International Airport is making plans to go with private companies to handle screening. The airport is located in Congressman Mica's district.



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