JIA begins installation of new baggage screening system

July 20, 2016
By Robert Alonso

 It should be a big upgrade to the security at Jacksonville International Airport, especially when it comes to checked baggage.

Work began Monday on the installation of three new permanent screening machines on the south side ticketing area.

JIA spokesman Michael Stewart says this will force the airport to use three temporary screening machines in that area until the new machines are ready to go by mid-November.

"This is an upgrade of what's referred to as the CTX machines," Stewart added. 

These new machines are designed to detect explosives through 3D imaging.

Departing passengers flying American, Southwest, Allegiant and Air Canada now have to take any bags for check-in into a temporary drop area until the new machines are in. 

That will require some passengers to walk around 10 to 15 yards further than before to drop their bags off, per Stewart.

Curbside check-in will still be an option.

Upgrades to a conveyor system and other modifications were done to the north side ticketing area earlier this month as part of a $20 million project, most of it funded by the Transportation Security Administration.

The north side work took around eight months to complete, according to Stewart.

Source: http://ow.ly/rTo2301rLNr


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