Holiday travel picking up at JIA

Dec 21 2012

Airport personnel remind travelers how to make traveling process quick and easy

Highways, trains and airports are expected to be packed over the next few days, with it really picking up Friday.
Jacksonville International Airport expects hundreds of thousands of travelers to pass through its terminals.

People heading out of JIA or expecting guests to come through, should be aware of some changes and be reminded of what to do to make traveling as easy and quick as possible.

This year there is a special events parking lot opening up Friday morning. Those who have parked at the airport before, know it can be costly.

But the special events lot gives travelers a cheaper option this holiday season at JIA

There's a sign entering JIA that says, "Happy holidays and safe travels." It's a message that's already greeted nearly 300,000 people flying out of JIA since wednesday.

With hundreds of thousands of more people expected, JIA wants to make everyone's trips in or out headache free and it starts with parking.

"We have a great parking option for those who are traveling," Michael Stewart with JIA said. "Going to be out of town for several days, its $20 and it's a great deal.

Stewart said you can park in the special events lot, right next to the economy lot 2. Then take the free shuttle to the terminal. It's all for that $20  flat rate from Friday until January 5th.

Friday will be the airports busiest day of the week, kicking off the holiday weekend.

"I think this time is cheaper than the weekend, which is everyone traveling for holiday," Stewart said.

With snow storms rolling through the Midwest, don't let Florida's sunshine mislead you -- it could still affect your flight.

"The weather may be good here but where they're going or where they're changing planes there may be some weather challenges, so always check with the airlines even if you are coming to pick someone up," Stewart said.

The Airport Authority said anyone catching a flight should be at the ticket counter an hour before departure, not leaving the house an hour before or pulling in an hour before.

The wait to get through TSA is unpredictable, especially during the holidays.

To get through as quickly as possible, check for the latest restrictions. Even if you're a frequent flier, things often change.



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